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This podcast is in response to two emails I received this week. Send your questions to

Question 1 (paraphrased): Does God love women more? There are more women in church. Does God love men less? There are more men in jail. Although this is a tongue-in-cheek question it is something I ponder.

Question 2 (paraphrased): What about leadership in the church and in the home? 1 Cor 11 is a passage some churches use to establish male leadership and hierarchy in the home and church. What about literal head coverings?

Suggested books/references on these topics:

Lucy Peppiatt, Unveiling Paul’s Women, and Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women

Lucy on Vimeo:

Women and Worship at Corinth:

Should Women Wear Headcoverings?

Should Women Teach and have Authority?

Marg Mowzscko ( Use the search bar to find information on “covering” and “submission” and “hierarchy.”

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