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This podcast is in response to two emails I received this week. Send your questions to

Question 1 (paraphrased): Does God love women more? There are more women in church. Does God love men less? There are more men in jail. Although this is a tongue-in-cheek question it is something I ponder.

Question 2 (paraphrased): What about leadership in the church and in the home? 1 Cor 11 is a passage some churches use to establish male leadership and hierarchy in the home and church. What about literal head coverings?

Suggested books/references on these topics:

Lucy Peppiatt, Unveiling Paul’s Women, and Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women

Lucy on Vimeo:

Women and Worship at Corinth:

Should Women Wear Headcoverings?

Should Women Teach and have Authority?

Marg Mowzscko ( Use the search bar to find information on “covering” and “submission” and “hierarchy.”

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10. Clarity in Change

The process of growing in our faith can be an isolating one. Is it ok to have questions? Is it ok to ask them?

Topics today:

1. Check out a podcast I was on recently with Natalie Hoffman, who is a coach and runs a support group for women who are in or recovering from destructive marriages. In this podcast I share some basic, intermediate, and advanced tips and tools for studying scripture:

2. Who are the sheep? Who are the goats? (Matthew 25:31-46

3. Are we safe in our churches? How do we know?

4. What is repentance?

5. What does it mean to be a brother or sister in Christ? Does our identity in Christ have anything to do with our social status, gender, race? 

6. My friend Vickie's encouragement to "get out of the box!" 

7. My very weird story about domain names (just thrown in for good measure).


I attended Beth Israel Messianic Synagogue on Saturday and it was so impactful for me. I have listened to them faithfully for about 3 years and finally attended in person. The week prior I found myself praying once again for clarity. Wouldn't you know that the service I attended in person was the Shabbat of Vision? God is so funny that way. Anyway, it is an excellent message about vision and clarity and I wanted to share it with you:


I'd love to hear from you about what is on your heart and mind. Is there a topic you want me to feature on a future podcast? Let me know. Email me at

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