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Jan is a licensed grief, life transition, and anxiety counselor in Alabama. She is a loss survivor and that led her to counseling just a few years ago. In our podcast Jan shares her journey, which includes time spent as a church leader and a faith seeker in a season of deconstruction. 

In part 2 we discuss women's ministry, spiritual meaning of 3 words: wrestling, inclusion, and exclusion, recovering from the emotional toll of counseling, and how Jan built and launched her business right in the midst of a pandemic.

If you are in the state of Alabama, you have the ability to work with Jan. Find her practice here:

Other places you'll find Jan are on Twitter: and her book, Fighting Forward, is on her site: and on Amazon (Click Here).

And I welcome you to take a look at my website,, which recently got an amazing overhaul from Kristine Forster at Wix.

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I am excited to introduce Patrice McClendon, a Jacksonville resident and President and Marketing Manager for Sista 2 Sista: Women Empowering Women. Patrice and her team have a women's event at UNF on March 14th.  

Speakers are addressing holistic wellness (spiritual, physical, mental) in support of this year's theme, It Is Well. Vendors, including wellness vendors, will be on site with free resources and free diagnostics.

Click HERE for the agenda and visit the main website to purchase your tickets while they last! Only 125 tickets are available for this luncheon:

Sista 2 Sista: Women Empowering Women Facebook Page -

I love Patrice's heart for Building Empowerment, Community Connections, and Partnerships. She has a bold vision for Sista 2 Sista that empowers individuals to change communities. 

I am going to be there and hope to meet you! So if you're coming, let me know at so we can arrange to meet each other in person.


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Today I hit on the huge topic of deconstruction -just dipping my toes in that water. 

Also happy to announce a couple of upcoming guests:

1. Patrice McClendon will bring news about the upcoming women's conference in Jacksonville called Sista 2 Sista: Women Empowering Women (find on Facebook here: GET YOUR TICKETS here:

2. My friend Roni Saulsberry who lovingly refers to herself as "a Christian who cusses." Who knows what might come up, but I have a feeling we will unpack issues of diversity in the church, spiritual abuse, and more. Might need to be rated PG-13!

I did something brave this week as a challenge from #noondayshine2020 the Noonday Collection conference I attended in Austin, TX. I'm dipping my toes into an experiment of sorts and will let you know how it's beginning. What will I be when I grow up? I have no idea still, but continue to be amazed by the strong and powerful women I meet in various walks of life.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more! Happy 2020

Come see me at the Common Ground Conference in Jacksonville, FL on May1-2, 2020. Find out more and GET YOUR TICKETS here:

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This podcast is in response to two emails I received this week. Send your questions to

Question 1 (paraphrased): Does God love women more? There are more women in church. Does God love men less? There are more men in jail. Although this is a tongue-in-cheek question it is something I ponder.

Question 2 (paraphrased): What about leadership in the church and in the home? 1 Cor 11 is a passage some churches use to establish male leadership and hierarchy in the home and church. What about literal head coverings?

Suggested books/references on these topics:

Lucy Peppiatt, Unveiling Paul’s Women, and Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women

Lucy on Vimeo:

Women and Worship at Corinth:

Should Women Wear Headcoverings?

Should Women Teach and have Authority?

Marg Mowzscko ( Use the search bar to find information on “covering” and “submission” and “hierarchy.”

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