Deconstruction: Your Journey in Faith

I am excited to announce that my study journal is now published! You can find it on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle, although I recommend the paperback for ease of writing. With the purchase of the book you gain access to audio teachings for each of the six modules. The podcast you are listening to is Module 1 of the book.

I would love to have you join the online Clarity Cohort, starting May 13th. It's a small-group "feel" and all online. I will keep the numbers low so we have the ability to really get to know one another and dig in to the discussion. Find out more on my site.

What Is Faith Deconstruction?

Deconstruction  is  synonymous  with  the  discipleship process  known as  spiritual  formation. Christians   mature   in   faith   through   disciplines including prayer,  personal   study,   and   formal teaching within church and ministry contexts.

Sometimes teachings and experiences can be unhealthy and even abusive. During deconstruction, Christians faithfully examine  how  our  relationship  with  God  has  been  influenced  by  traditions, theology, church leadership, and societal factors experienced in our modern context.

Imagine sitting at a table in front of a pile of miscellaneous puzzle pieces. Deconstruction involves looking at each piece of the puzzle and finding where it fits, or making the determination that it does not belong at all.

Deconstruction is unique for each believer but typically involves wrestling with Bible translations, teachings, traditions, and personal experiences. Those who embark on the journey meet pushback from church leaders, family members,  and  friends.  Misunderstanding,  they  believe  that  deconstruction means walking away from God when it typically leads to a much deeper faith.

Your story will be unique. I hope that the exercises and Scriptural passages within this study provide a framework to better envision the puzzle you are piecing  together.  When  you  have  completed  this  study,  your  journey  won't be  over,  but  I  believe  you  will  be  empowered  and  equipped  to  continue.


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